TP-Link RE220 Extender Setup

How to Setup TP-Link RE220 WiFi Range Extender through Tether App?

  • Firstly, Plug the TP-Link RE220 Extender for Setup closer to your router like within 5 to 10 feet of the range.
  • Observe the power LED on the router once it turns solid green then it means it is ready for Configuration.
  • Download the Tether App on your smartphone. Click here to Download Tether App for Android | For iOS.
  • Go to Settings on your smartphone and click on WiFi, Turn your WiFi On and wait till the WiFi list refreshes.
  • Now click on the default SSID of TP-Link Extender among the list of available network, It will show up as “TP-Link Extender“.
  • Click on default SSID and hit join the network.
  • Now launch the Tether App on your smartphone and tap TP-Link RE220 Extender Setup which will automatically pop-up in your App.
  • moreover, It will now ask you to create a password for managing your extender’s account.
  • Once you create a password the Tether App will look for the WiFi network available in your area.
  • Among the list of the available WiFi networks, you will have to select your router SSID and punch in the password.
  • In case your router support 5GHz too, select 5GHz and punch in the password.

TP-Link RE220 Extender Setup
TP-Link RE220 Extender Setup

NOTE:- Skip the step if your router doesn’t support 5GHz.

  • Now you will have to confirm the SSID and Password for your Host Network.
  • In the next step, you can change the default name of your Extended network.

IMP:- In case your Host network name is ABC then the default extended network will come up as ABC_Ext.

  • The TP-Link RE220 Range Extender will reboot now it takes around 90 seconds.
  • Now you can unplug the AC750 RE220 Extender, the best option is to plug it halfway between your router and the place where you need WiFi signal.
  • Lastly, For Better connectivity place the Extender away from large appliances.

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