Many services are provided like Range ExtendersRoutersSecurity CamerasPowerlinesEthernet Network SwitchesWireless USB Adapters, etc by Tp-Link. All these devices are used to make your wireless or wired Internet Experience a smooth one. Range Extenders are used to wirelessly enhance your wifi signal, In-case you set them up as an access point then they need to be hardwired with the router. TP-Link extenders can be Setup through or with TP-Link Router can be set up through or with TP-Link NC450 camera is a great tool to monitor remotely any activity taking place in your house. You can create an account online on after which you will be able to move your camera in 360 degrees. TP-Link AV600 Powerline can be set up by hardwiring the smallest unit to the router and placing the bigger powerline unit at different locations. Now you just need to press the pair button on both of them within two minutes. TP-Link AC1300 (Archer T3U) wifi adapter or TL-WN722N wifi adapter can be used by installing their software with the help of the CD that comes along with the pack. In case you can not use CD they download the Driver or software through tp-link{dot}com.

tplink triband router setup
TP-Link triband router setup

TP-Link AC5400 Tri-Band Gaming Router (Archer C5400X) Setup

Its CPU will surely provide you a Leading-edge over other routers by 1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU. AC5400 is a tri-band router providing 2.4GHZ, 5GHz and 5.4 GHz proving strong signals to even the farthest devices. Beamforming technology always keeps the strongest possible Internet connection between any device and router. It is equipped with 1 WAN and 8 LAN ports allowing you to connect more devices simultaneously.

C5400X Setup through

* Plugin your router to the power and make sure you stick all the 8 antennas to the router and while fixing them it will give you a “click” sound.
* once power light is ON, connect an Ethernet cord from Your ISP to the LAN port on the Archer C5400X router.
* Now connect another Ethernet chord from LAN port on the router to your computer.
* Open Browser on your computer and type
NOTE:- In case is not working, check your ethernet connection properly or reboot your router and computer.
* Once on it will ask you for username and password, type “admin” in both the fields.
* On the Router Setup Page, it will first ask you to select your time zone.
* Next field will be your “Connection Type”. Select it according to your ISP and hit NEXT.
* It will then ask you to clone MAC address if you don’t want that hit NEXT.
* Here on this page change the SSID and Password of your network if you wish and hit NEXT.
* Once you hit Save, your router will Setup the Internet connection, then click finish.
* you can use your TP-Link ID to access the cloud feature, which includes remote control too.
* You can now try and connect your devices wirelessly to the Newly Setup TP-Link archer Router.